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Key words: Heat Exchanger Water treatment equipment Pressure vessel Water supply equipment Geothermal utilization

  • 友信暖通空调设备配套研发和制造专家Water treatment equipment series:

    1、Sewage treatment equipment
    2、Raw water treatment equipment
    3、Water purification equipment
    4、Filter equipment
    5、Ultra-pure water equipment

  • 友信暖通空调设备配套研发和制造专家Heat exchanger equipment series:

    1、Plate heat exchanger series and intelligent heat exchanger unit。
    2、Double-threaded tube heat exchanger series and volumetric heat exchanger, corrugated heat exchanger, electric auxiliary heater, floating coil heat exchanger。

  • 友信暖通空调设备配套研发和制造专家Chiller:

    1、Dry heat exchanger
    2、Full liquid heat exchanger

  • 友信暖通空调设备配套研发和制造专家Water supply system:

    1、Condenser rubber ball cleaning device
    2、Stainless steel water tank
    3、Automatic constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment
    4、Condensate recovery
    5、High-rise building direct heating and mixing equipment
    6、No negative pressure water equipment, hydraulic modules

High anti-boiling point

HVAC equipment boiling above 120 ℃,Can effectively prevent overheating summer tank, to prevent the pot。

Low anti-freezing point

Low freezing point can reach -45 ℃,Effectively prevent the tank from freezing。

Imported raw materials

Imported ethylene glycol is not volatile,Can avoid the inferior product auto-ignition accident caused by adding alcohol。

Anti-corrosion rust

Does not contain acidic substances, does not react with the metal material,High corrosion protection, car protection ???????????? Accessories。

Anti-scaling throughout the year

Deionized water does not react with the metal cations in the engine to reduce scale production and keep the circulatory system open.

Apply more widely

Friends of the letter products to match the high, medium and low-grade models, but also to match the construction vehicles, cars, buses and other car categories

Four seasons available

In addition to guarantee the normal use of the car in the winter, the summer can also play a protective role on the car engine, eliminating the need to replace the HVAC equipment.

Longer life expectancy

The industry's only three-year warranty after-sales service



Advanced technology, high-quality equipment, preferential prices Friends of the best-selling products, exported to the world-renowned

Economic strength Shandong Friends of the letter HVAC GroupTo a solid economic strength as the basis of production and development。

Excellent equipment Friends of the letter group hasSophisticated technical equipment,To provide technical support for the production。

Advanced technology Friends have a letterIndependent technical research and development team, innovation and development to maintain

Brand protection A variety of quality products, consumers enjoy higher credibility,And by consumers in many places to prove that product quality and good performance。

The implementation of TS16949 production standards to ensure that the quality of NB / SH / T 0521-2010 standards20 kinds of formulations, dozens of processes, each step is precisely configured, PH meets the national standard of weak alkalinity

1filter:Tap water after multiple filtration into pure deionized water, the water hardness of the total concentration of 0-30ppm。

2Stir:Water added to the reactor, and according to the 20 formulations of product time and temperature requirements of strict addition of ethylene glycol content, the proportion of science。

3Various types of additives:Release scale inhibitors, defoamers, preservatives, release agents, additives to prevent ethylene glycol oxidation。

4Filling and conveying:Advanced canned equipment to complete the product canned delivery。



Shandong Friends of the letter HVAC Group

Shandong Friends of the letter HVAC Group,Shandong friends letter hvac group was founded in 2004, is located in known as "nine days qu, the beijing-tianjin portal" the laudatory name of dezhou city in shandong province, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient. The company is a collection of hvac equipment, water treatment equipment and energy-saving heat exchange equipment design, production, sales and installation in a body comprehensive enterprise. With our strong economic strength, sophisticated technical equipment, advanced production technology, for many years to provide all kinds of high quality products for national construction, among consumers enjoy a higher reputation, and proved by many consumers use, the quality of the product performance is good, the product not only sold well all over the country, and exported to all over the world. 查看详情

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